National Projects 2013

1.  Literacy home-schools in Pakistan

Our collaboration with the TOS in Pakistan continues to flourish. The Pakistan TOS committee is working to ensure that it can sustain its educational and social welfare programs in today’s difficult political climate. This year we are aiming to support four home-literacy schools. This gives us the challenge for 2013 of raising $4,400 in donations to send to the Pakistan TOS group to keep these schools operating.

This Literacy Program enables children and young girls who have had no opportunity to pursue even a basic education, to attend classes. Reading, writing and arithmetic are taught by a teacher who holds classes at her own house which is in the same locality as the students.

The TOS provides teaching materials, a fan, water cooler, sitting rugs and a small salary to the teacher. A teachers’ meeting is held every month. Problems encountered and suggestions for the improvement of the program are discussed. A representative of the TOS visits the schools regularly in order to monitor their progress. Our donations also contribute to the cost of this on-going professional support for the home-school teacher.

The TOS in Australia continues to have this project as one of its National Projects in 2013.

If you or your local TOS group would like to support the Literacy Home-schools Project in Pakistan, please send your donation to:

Ms Carolyn Harrod  
National TOS Treasurer
26 Lytham Street



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