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Do you care about:

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The TOS invites you to join its members who are working to make a difference in these areas.

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2018-india-tripTOS Fundraiser Tour
to Southern India 
'Sacred Sights Tour'

11 nights/12 days 05 - 16 January 2018
This tour follows the Theosophical Society International Convention at Adyar.  
Cost, Land Only -
$A1,360 per person twin share (15 participants)

$A1,330 per person twin share (19 participants)

Details & Itinerary (PDF)

National Newsletter JULY 2016

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TOS 2018 International Conference in Singapore

9 - 11 August 2018
Follows after TS World Congress 4 - 9 August

Jean Carroll

2016 TOS Australia Annual Report

By Jean Carroll, TOS Australia National Coordinator

It is with pleasure that I present this report of our TOS activities for the period 01Sep 2015-31Aug 2016. Our late founder Annie Besant, like Madame Blavatsky saw altruism as essential to living a spiritual life. This is evident as I review our year and see how our groups are helping those less fortunate, both here in Australia and internationally.

All groups across our vast land have continued to implement the key points from our Five Year Plan, i.e. building closer ties within our local communities and our theosophical lodges. Some of our groups are now featured in lodge programming, whilst service at a community level strengthens an awareness of the wisdom teachings.

  Our groups apart from working and donating within their local communities have been willing contributors to our international projects; a total of $16,080 was transferred for the year as follows;

  • Four Qandeel Home Schools Pakistan $4,400 + 31 Scholarships $4,650
  • The Golden Link College, the Philippines $3,020. This amount is generously matched by the Kern Foundation through TOS in the USA.
  • Adyar Social Welfare Projects;-
    - Animal Welfare Dispensary $1,000
    - HPB Hostel for Boys $260
    - Educational support for Olcott School $2,000
  • Assam Mobility Aids Project $750

  The TOS in Islamabad is one of our key international beneficiaries. In addition to the home schools we are able to support thirty-one scholarships annually with the help from our financial managers, Maple Brown Abbot, TOS Canberra and TOS Brisbane . TOS National has been supporting these two projects for just over ten years. Mr Mushtaq Jindani has supplied inspiring reports on the success of students. We also have received encouraging news that after a lapse of some years TOS has once again commenced workshops in Islamabad. To date this year there have been two such events and we congratulate them for the example of their topics 'Mind Science' and the light they are sharing in raising consciousness.

  In Oct 2015 TOS National organised a tour to the sacred sites of Cambodia. I am pleased to report it was an amazing trip, with such a strong sense of compassion and caring amongst the 21 participants €“ theosophy in action. Our TOS raised $675 from this tour towards the national projects abovementioned.

  Three newsletters were once again published in 2016 and distributed to a total of 180 electronically and 30 by hard copy.

  My sincere thanks to our treasurer, Carolyn Harrod and her husband Geoff, our Web-Master who have both been facing severe health challenges this year. You inspire us all in your willingness to serve the greater cause. Thanks also to our secretary Travis James, our auditor Donald Fern, to TS headquarters for their inclusiveness at these conferences, last but not least our 9 groups, and all those whose combined effects take our world forward.

-- Jean

National Projects

At the National TOS AGM at the Jan 2017 TS Convention in Hobart, the following three National Projects were adopted:-

1. Continue to support four 'home schools' in Karachi, Pakistan.

2. Golden Link College Phillippines - a highly successful school for poor families in Manilla, run on theosophical principles by the TOS.

A syrian refugee camp

3. Provide assistance to Syrian refugees through the TOS in Italy - helping refugees within Italy, and with a doctor at a refugee camp in Turkey.

SunshineCoast TOS Syrian event

Individual TOS groups may support other projects also.

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