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Do you care about:

  • peace
  • justice
  • the welfare of people and animals
  • the environment
  • healing?

The TOS invites you to join its members who are working to make a difference in these areas.

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MAY 2018
* TOS-Links
* Sydney June-July
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JULY 2018
* TOS Constitution
* SSCoast details
* Brisbane

AUG 2018
* Brisbane projects
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TOS International Conference in Singapore
9 - 11 August 2018
, following TS Congress 4-9 Aug
This has now concluded. A report will appear here soon.

Jan 2018 TOS India Tour
Report by Olga Gostin

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TOS Australia Constitution

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.... Golden Links College - My next newsletter will be on the Golden Links College and is due out in November.

  TS Brochure “What is it all about?” – Linda Oliveira is currently reviewing and updating the words on this brochure and she invited me to review the words about the TOS. The wording describing the TOS service seemed very old fashioned and no longer current. I checked our current TOS brochure and updated the TS brochure to our current six areas of service. I deleted the words “information services” and “citizenship”.

Call for Nominations for National TOS Office Bearers – I will email out the nomination forms before out next meeting.  (Read the full newsletter)


2018 TOS-Australia officers elected at the AGM

National Coordinator:  
Rhonda Phillips
, Perth.  (middle)

National Secretary:     
George Wester
,  Perth.  (right)

National Treasurer:     
Dianne Manning
,  Brisbane.  (left)

National Projects

At the National TOS AGM in Hobart, the following three National Projects were adopted:-

1. 'home schools' in Pakistan.

GLC2. Golden Link College Phillippines - a highly successful school for poor families in Manilla, run on theosophical principles by the TOS.

A syrian refugee camp3. Provide assistance to Syrian refugees through the TOS in Italy.

Individual TOS groups may support other projects also.

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