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Do you care about:

  • peace
  • justice
  • the welfare of people and animals
  • the environment
  • healing?

The TOS invites you to join its members who are working to make a difference in these areas.

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Italian TOS Syrian Refugee Project

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Coordinator's report in 'TOS Links' newsletter May 2018   By Rhonda Phillips

 The Italian TOS has asked Australia for financial help to support the 30 Syrian refugee families in Kilis, Turkey. These families are held together by the survivors, the grandparents and many widows. There are numerous difficulties; unhealthy and unhygienic housing, minimal medical treatment and often they have no documents, which makes it impossible to find work or enrol the children in school.

The Italian TOS bread project provides free daily bread to these 30 families for one year. The bread will keep hunger at bay and send the message that they are not alone.

The Italian TOS has another project and they are seeking Australian help. They plan to provide each family with a monthly 35 Euro coupon, which can be used with conventional sellers and at the markets. Each family will be able to use the 35 Euro coupon to meet the individual family needs for items such nappies, sanitary products, food and medicines. The monthly allowance of 35 Euro is equal to AUD$55.

The Italian TOS has requested Australia consider donating 4,000 Euro to this project. 4,000 Euros is approximately AUD$6,500. This is a substantial amount; however, we have already received a donation of $1,000 from an anonymous long-term TS/TOS member. We are on the way to meeting that target. Please help us - help these people. ....

 (Read the full illustrated newsletter)

2018 TOS-Australia officers elected at the AGM

National Coordinator:  
Rhonda Phillips
, Perth.  (middle)

National Secretary:     
George Wester
,  Perth.  (right)

National Treasurer:     
Dianne Manning
,  Brisbane.  (left)

National Projects

At the National TOS AGM at the Jan 2017 TS Convention in Hobart, the following three National Projects were adopted:-

1. Continue to support four 'home schools' in Karachi, Pakistan.

2. Golden Link College Phillippines - a highly successful school for poor families in Manilla, run on theosophical principles by the TOS.

A syrian refugee camp

3. Provide assistance to Syrian refugees through the TOS in Italy - helping refugees within Italy, and with a doctor at a refugee camp in Turkey.

Individual TOS groups may support other projects also.

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